With the new extra-strong PowerCompactor, AMAZONE has once again clearly increased the delivery and compacting capacity of the new Profihopper.

Your benefit: thanks to the PowerCompactor, not only do you increase the operational performance but at the same time set-up and non-working times are reduced. In this way, the new Profihoppers, in combination with the Exact cutting rotor and the out-front mounted high class mowing and scarifying unit, are the ideal solution for the low dust mowing and collecting of grass and scarifying material in a single pass. This is a clear advantage that you can make use of in almost any mowing operation – especially in damp conditions.

The combination of lever steering and true 0-turning circle characterise the Profihopper zDrive. At the same time, the zDrive in conjunction with the PowerCompactor excels in its extraordinary output capacity and quality of work.

The steering wheel and true 0-turning circle characterise the Profihopper iDrive. At the same time, the iDrive in conjunction with the PowerCompactor excels in its extraordinary output capacity and quality of work.

The AMAZONE Profihopper offers superb scarifying. The scarifying knives, which are quickly mounted without tools, slit the turf and thin out the lawn surface. Thatch is removed, collected and at the same time the soil is rolled. Scarifying improves the exchange of light, air, water and nutrients, resulting in a substantial recovery of the soil structure.


Make life easy with The Core-Collector 3001HL

This is a pedestrian machine which collects cores and debris into a hopper. It then lifts to a height that can tip into a trailer or utility vehicle. At the front of the machine are windrow boards which allow the machine to move the cores into line. The line is then presented to a stainless steel blade which scoops the cores up, before a conveyor transfers them to the hopper.


The Raycam UniRake is designed for and by leading groundsmen to accurately maintain natural and synthetic grass including hybrid surfaces. The UniRake offers high intensity grooming that can be calibrated in its severity.



Tractor towed wide-spread topdresser

The Dakota 410 is specially designed for the fast transportation and application of top dressing. It will handle both wet and dry materials, allowing light to heavy dressing. It features accurate and easy to operate calibration system with no manual adjustment. Ideal for use on golf courses and sports fields. The 410 features Ultra Trac turf tyres, A-Frame hitch with adjustable height and dual spinner discharge system.